Our Mission

“It is our sole aim to protect humanity against smoking, which is one of the most important problems faced by humanity today and seriously threatens human life and health.”

To protect humanity against smoking, which is one of the most important problems facing humanity today and which seriously threatens human life and health, and to fight against this enemy of humanity and all the organizations that protect this substance until the ultimate goal of eliminating smoking completely in the world. In this context, it is also to fight against all kinds of drugs.

Using all kinds of legal means to continue this struggle, coordinating the joint action of all segments that will participate in this goal, and conducting training and awareness-raising activities are the leading activities. Our main goal is to protect human health and ensure a healthy environment. It is among our principles to increase our incentives to quit smoking by exchanging ideas and making suggestions together with our general assembly meetings, conferences, seminars, award ceremonies, social activities, which are held regularly every year.

The basis of our activities is to raise awareness of our readers against the ever-increasing smoking epidemic, to prevent children and young people who have not yet started smoking from ever starting smoking, to prevent passive smoking by protecting non-smokers and those who have quit, to encourage smokers to quit and to help those who want to quit, to protect people, especially children and young people, from the danger of tobacco and to fight until tobacco is eliminated all over the world.